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Danielle left for Spain for a few months, meanwhile back at home Tom became a new Dad and Tony will be one in May! It has been a struggle, but the band is still going strong. We spent the last 3 months writing a couple new tunes (we have a habit of finishing a song 90% and getting distracted) so I would expect to hear a few new ones this year! Danielle is finally coming home, and we missed her so much! Now we can get back in the game. Our next show is on 1/5 at Mr. Goodbar on Elmwood in Buffalo, followed by March 10th at Stamps. Details for both will be up soon! We are beyond excited to take the stage at Goodbar for the first time! Sorry for the lack of updates, not much else has happened since she left! Hopefully we will be hitting the studio again this spring to get a full length LP out there!

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