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We hope everyone had a safe and Happy Holidays and new year! Now that the dust has settled, we planned on spending the second half of winter and into spring working on our 4 unfinished songs. It seems to be a never ending cycle, but we got offered some pretty rad shows, one of which is Danielle’s 21st birthday show at Sugar City! The next one is a return to Stamps, and then our first time ever playing Goodbar! You can find our future events on the Gigs section of our website. On top of all of this, we have our EP due any day now which will feature some of our favorite songs; Highway, Survive, and Cold. Our next release after that will hopefully be very soon featuring Sacrifice, The End (one of our more popular tunes that we just added back to the set), and Battle of Will (our 8 minute epic). 2017 is going to hopefully be awesome for us, so join us for the ride!

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