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Hi! We haven’t updated in a while, there was a family emergency that took nearly 2 months away from us. Everything is good now! First off, the Trapt show was better than we could have ever hoped. It was really fun to play to a packed crowd on a weeknight, acoustic no less. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for coming out! Next, we have a few more shows coming up. Our next one is in July at Evening Star with our pals in Billy Draws Two among others, Our Infringement Festival show at Tudor Lounge, and lastly Danielle’s goodbye show at Stamps. She will be heading to Spain for 3 months in September. We will miss her for sure, but she will be back! That will be a good time to start recording our next EP. You can get more detailed info about the upcoming shows by clicking the “gigs” tab on top, or the dates at the bottom of the main page. Thank you guys again for all of your support! Oh, and we have an online store now!

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