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The pandemic really kind of left us in a place where we didn’t have frequent updates. Things have started moving along again. The personal life drama is at and end (Tom abruptly became a single full-time father to his 4 year old daughter) and everyone is vaccinated and ready to move on. Some news we did not report on our website here is that Danielle left the band last year because she was moving to Florida with her husband.

We tried like hell to replace her, but found it very difficult. She is family to us, and it wasn’t the same without her. After some discussions, we realized that she visits Buffalo enough to where she can continue to be with us! We can still play shows frequently enough too! In the meantime, now that we’ve been getting together regularly again, we’ve written 3 new songs that need some polishing and we will share them with you! We’re going to be playing our third straight Music is Art Festival on Sept 11th too! Thank you all for the continued support, merch sales, and album streams to help us through this tough time. We hope to see you at MiA!

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